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It's time to amplify your quality assurance

Manage your inspection specifications, processes, and reporting within a single application.

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Application that is build for your business and inspection need

Power right from your web-browser.

Cloud and On-Prem

Let's us manage the infra through our cloud hosted SaaS. Or you can do it yourself with our on-prem license.

Define Specification

Manage your product and material specification to scope inspection constraint for the inspectors.

Access Control

Prevents unwanted access by managing users and roles through setting permissions for who get to use what.

Controlled Data Entry

Prevent wrongly input or out of scope data using built-in inspection data entry binded with specification.

Powerful Reporting

Come with executive reports for high level decision making, and inspection report for drilling in on problems.

Customize Workflow

Fully customizable process and workflow that suits to your organization process and quality inspection need.

SaaS (Software as a Service) Cloud Solution

Save time and money needed to setup complicated infrastructure, managing uptime, and updates.

  • Access to QMIS© anywhere and anytime
  • Low setup cost, monthly/annually subscription
  • Fully managed, no IT guy is needed
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On-Prem (Premise) solution

If you're worry about data on the cloud or internet connection, you can host it yourself within your organization.

  • Hosted in your organization
  • No internet connection needed
  • Built your own infra and scale
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Complete features at your hand

Design and build by leading expert in Quality Assurance domain.

10 users / next 10 / per month
  • For small organization
  • Low startup cost
  • Pay as you grow
  • 1 Organization ID
  • 6 months technical support
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yearly license
  • Required own running server
  • Behind own server firewall
  • No internet needed (LAN network only)
  • 1 end product
  • 6 months technical support
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